Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How to change battery in ';Polaroid OneStep Express';?

I just found my old ';Polaroid OneStep Express';, but I can't figure out how to change the battery, can somebody please help?How to change battery in ';Polaroid OneStep Express';?
The battery is contained in the film.How to change battery in ';Polaroid OneStep Express';?
The batteries are in the film package. They change out every time you put new film in. All you need to do is find some film for the camera.
You need to get a new, fresh package of film. Put that into the camera and you've not only changed the film, you've changed the battery. If you've got old film and nothing happens, the battery in those old packages is dead and yes, those prints can't be used because you need to have a working battery for those prints to be accessible for exposure. You'll need to pull the old film out of the camera and pretty much just throw it away.

Take an old pack of film and break it apart. You can see the flat battery in the film pack. If you're curious, of course.
the battery is built into each new film pack

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